my interior

My interior


• succulent • thriftstore plantpot • growing plants • Ikea glasses • drum • H&M bronze candle holders • 90’s Ikea cabinet •


Travel: Postcards from Paris


A while ago, my boyfriend and me decided to go to Paris, out of the blue, and there we went on our 6 hours drive!

We parked the car in an underground parking lot, and found a hotel near Quartier Latin.

When we woke up though and looked outside, we discovered a big antique market right above the parking lot! Great surprise!

They had amazing stuff! I could have walked around for hours..
But there was more to see in Paris, and we were only there for a weekend then.
I behaved and just got a couple of items I really, really liked. One of the items was a set of postcards I chose out of the hundreds of postcards that were there.

And I really like the combination, interesting, different and simple in black and white.

My interior: Eames and Kwantum

Eames chair with my selfmade cushion. I bought the fabric at Kwantum. I love the simple black and white geometric print.

I made this cushion yesterday, 2 cushions actually. I had been searching online for two months, could not find any cushions like this, although they were in all the magazines and interiorblogs. 

But then I came across the black and white geometric print on fabric at Kwantum. Very happy with it, made it as quick as possible and very happy with what I’ve got!