My interior

My bedroom is quit simple. In the room I have a bed, two wooden nightstands which I painted ( in a simple design), two sanseveria’s and that’s it! 

I am a fan of less is more, but I wanted a splash of color,  and something beautiful to look at when  I get up in the morning. because I live in The Netherlands and the grey colored days are on their way back, so this is a sunny solution.

The sunny solution I found, was a half long maxi skirt my mum used to wear. I liked it so much that she gave it to me a while ago. It’s been hanging on the front of my Ikea clothes rack for a while so it was the first thing I saw there.

Anyway, last week I decided to box up my spring / summer clothes and hang up my autumn / winter clothes and that left me with the skirt..

To beautiful and sunny to put in a box.. 

So I took my beautiful, sunny skirt with gorgeous colorful floral print, took a white clothinghanger and hung it up on my bedroom wall. A beautiful piece of artwork in my bedroom to wake up to, I love it.